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Bartending Kit


If you are in need of tools to accompany new found bartending skills, or want to freshen your arsenal of equipment used in your professional life- look no further! Our collective years of industry experience and professional knowledge have allowed Gorgitenders to create the perfect Bartending Kit! Our kit includes: 

  1. Speed opener 
  2. Waiters friend 
  3. Bar spoon 
  4. Muttler 
  5. Jigger (Stainless steel, marked oz measure units)
  6. Shaker 
  7. Mixing glass 
  8. Speed pourer 
  9. Traveling bag

$75 per kit

To purchase a bartending kit, please click the “Purchase” button below to send $75 via PayPal. You may either pick up your bartending kit in person or have it mailed to your address.