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Group Mixology class

Group Mixology/Couples Mixology Class

Fun mixology class. Perfect for a date night, birthday parties, bachelorette, team-building, the home bartender, or anyone who is interested in learning to make delicious cocktails. Learn the secrets of Mixology, the art of cocktail making and shake your own drinks like a Pro. We offer two-hour semi-private and private courses. Each participant will leave the event with knowledge of how to make 5 classic cocktails, pouring techniques, and mixing methods. Must be 18 or older. Complimentary champagne (21+).

Option 1: Semi Private-Couples Class

Includes one bartending kit per couple

Option 2: Private Group Class

Includes one bartending kit per person

Bartending Kit Included!

If you are in need of tools to accompany new found bartending skills, or want to freshen your arsenal of equipment used in your professional life- look no further! Our collective years of industry experience and professional knowledge have allowed Gorgitenders to create the perfect Bartending Kit! Our kit includes: 

  1. Speed opener 
  2. Waiters friend 
  3. Bar spoon 
  4. Muttler 
  5. Jigger (Stainless steel, marked oz measure units)
  6. Shaker 
  7. Mixing glass 
  8. Speed pourer 
  9. Traveling bag